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A brave post one might say. The precarious newfound ‘f’ word makes an appearance in the title but I feel that this is an issue which needs addressing. I am for equality for every human regardless of gender, caste, creed and all the general tags put on us; however, feminism in the first world countries has morphed into a farrago of professional victimisation of the highest order and attention seeking.

Feminism in the past led to women gaining the rights to vote, to education, to work and many other basic necessities that they were deprived of; per contra, it has now descended into the so-called satanic occurrences such as ‘mansplaining’ and ‘manspreading’. It now deals with solving the non-existent wage gap; which has been disbunked by a female professor at Harvard. The current farce demands equality in all sorts yet the flag-bearers of this laughable(presently) movement protested against a bill which would call for conscription of women. Where is the desire for equality? Where is the ‘oppression’? Quite simply, there isn’t any; the hankering need for the limelight is being disguised under the name of the once pure movement; dragging the said name through the dirt.

But feminism is needed, not in the posh cities where false cries for help echo along the cobblestone paths. It is needed where women are still oppressed, not by fabricated issues, but by very real ones. Where women cannot drive, cannot choose what to wear, cannot live life as per their rules. Where women are bound by shackles of the ‘Sharia law’, by men who haven’t a clue how reality is, and merely hope to protect themselves as their incapabilities are brought to light.

Hence why I pen this article, not to enrage some people, but to shed light on another perspective as right now, the absurd movement in first world countries is undermining the efforts that have been made and that have to be made to help women that are actually oppressed. On a side note, to further my point regarding the pointless movement; the ‘Women’s March’, which took place in the USA; and was an apparently required feminist movement, was organised by a supporter of ‘Sharia Law’… Need I say more?

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