“Pray for Syria. Pray for Afghanistan. Pray for The World.”

Knock knock.

It’s the world here, we don’t want your prayers. We have no use for your worries. At this point, we have no requirement for thoughts.

The citizens of Aleppo don’t need your prayers, for if there was a God; he/she would be long gone in their eyes. The orphans, widows, widowers are not in need of mere worries. The mortar and chemical gases that cause so many deaths and mass destruction are not diverted by thoughts.

Violent terrorists or wrongdoers are not prosecuted by intentions alone. Refugees cannot obtain peace of mind by great notions of pondering lawmakers alone. A black child enduring racism is not aided by the mighty words of a self-proclaimed Social Justice Warrior sitting at a keyboard.

A soldier, staring down the cold, long barrel of a weapon belonging to his/her enemy is not assisted by their governments, who use soldiers as pawns in a political agenda of their own and is certainly not assisted by thoughts and ideas.

For at this point in time, a prayer or thoughts just provide futile hope. Hope which clouds our judgement and instills a naive mindset in ourselves. Hope is a boon and a bane and takes shape of the latter in such a scenario. We must realise, hope cannot feed someone or save somebody staring down the barrel of a gun. Hope cannot help someone subject to racist behaviour.

The world does not need or want prayers, thoughts, intentions or moral notions. The world demands actions. No more empty hashtags, no long messages on Whatsapp which nobody reads, no Instagram posts highlighting wrong occurrences. Just actions.

The world does not need big contributions from one person, simply small contributions from everyone. Even a contribution like, in the eloquent words of Batman, putting a coat on the shoulders of someone who needs it, assuring them that the world hasn’t ended.


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