Let me get started by saying that I am a kid, you may or may not want to read what I have to say; that is your choice, but I am going to say it nonetheless, for the couple of you that may want to know about my problem, how it killed the tiny joys in my life and how I overcame it.

I am the younger of two siblings in a very well to do family; my parents never instilled any expectations in me that I needed to do as well as my elder sister who always did exceedingly well in school, and I took it upon myself to be better. Fueled by stories of success that I enjoyed reading online and radical student-athlete memes; I developed an overly competitive mindset. I had to be the best, at whatever I did. Now you may wonder what the problem with that was, but I can assure you that I will get to that.
See being overly competitive was not the main problem as of such, but it resulted in a couple of major issues. Firstly it created a lot of stress and anxiety, things which do not belong in a child’s mind; I was always worried about the next tournament, next exam, next debate, next quiz, the next chance for me to win. That was manageable till the times that I lost; those days were darker, I was frustrated, depressed and the same thought kept crossing my mind- that I had let myself down. This constant anxiety hampered my ability to enjoy the small things in life; spending quality time with my dogs, my family. I was always trying to improve and never had the time or the mindset for the aforementioned activities. Secondly, my overly competitive nature allowed me to only concentrate on something till I was the best at it; after that, it was allowed to just slowly creep out of my life. I, therefore, lost interest in a lot of things; I stopped playing the guitar, almost stopped my debates, MUNs, football.
Slowly, as I grew older, I started realizing my problem. After all the stress it had caused me, I finally decided to address it. I spoke to a few people about it, and I decided the best thing to do was to not sweat the small stuff. I bought a camera, well my parents bought me one, I started taking my dogs for walks, I spent more time with friends and family and concentrated on things that I loved; photography, reading, debate.
I honestly do not know how to end this article as I have finished writing about what I set out to write, so I guess I will just leave you with a parting request; don’t sweat the small stuff, concentrate on what you love and take out time to appreciate the tiny things in life, because they are what truly matter.


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