Don’t get me wrong, I love India. I will admit that there are a few glaring faults but they are all part and parcel of this country, and I always have hope that these faults will slowly be corrected and I am more often than not ok with that. However there are certain issues that have developed that need immediate work, said problems are tarnishing the global reputation of India even further and need pressing governmental fixing. 

I’m fairly certain that the more informed readers; who are Indian or concern themselves with Indian news would have deduced the matter of this article by the title, but for the benifit of those who haven’t, I am writing about the epidemic that is ‘gau rakshaks’ or ‘cow-protectors’; a fanatic attention seeking group, making for a dangerous blend by any means, which apparently ‘protect’ kine by unconstitutionally and illegally taking to arms against supposed consumers or distributors of beef. Religion is great as long as it is limited to ourselves and does not call for any harm to any other being, a point that these self proclaimed gaurdians have not taken note of. There have been many instances where their actions have proven to be fatal and it is alarming that the state and central governments have not taken strict judicial action against these perpetrators. 

This violent and unruly group bears a likeness to an unsanctioned hit squad must be put an end to if we wish to have a stable and respectable future for our motherland. So spread the word, throw this problem into the spotlight more than it already is and hope that the appropriate people hear us and take action. 

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