For years we have been shown the difference between humans and our fellow inhabitants of the Earth; the differences in our mannerisms, our abilities, our mindsets. After spending the past few days photographing the lush forests of Kanha and its denizens, I feel otherwise. I saw a tiger display animosity to the cubs he thought were his but he realised were not; having previously seen the tiger and a tigress trek the jungle in search of food for their families. I viewed monkeys snuggling up to their parents for heat and comfort. I witnessed the unlikely friendship between an Indian bison and a few birds, just prior to a similar kind of friendship shared by a spotted deer and the said flying creature. I observed the content ‘barasinghas’ enjoying the warmth of the sun and the grass. I encountered a jackal which ran away from people when approached, similar to a few humans I know. A cicada insect relieved itself on us, reminiscent of a younger version of my ‘jija’ or uncle; and I realised that humans and animals are more similar than we like to believe…

New pictures to follow every day, stay tuned!


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