In the previous article bearing the same name as this one, I outlined what I felt were flaws in the Indian education system; and to complement said article, I am penning one which offers a small but, in my opinion, wholly helpful suggestion. Helpful to the teaching system and therefore benefitting the students. Now the benefit won’t be that desirable grades would be easier to achieve but rather that students would be primed to be successful in this ever-developing world. My following attempt at a thesis has been greatly influenced by various people I have spoken to and a multitude of TED talks that I have listened to.

Let’s be honest, the world runs on creativity and no, this is not some spin off on the latest marketing trend which has been adopted by Adidas but it’s the plain truth. Every single field in the world needs to have a creative front-runner in order to grow optimally; Heston Blumenthal is ruling the culinary world with his perplexing recipes, Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber has revolutionized the way we look at travelling by cabs, E-commerce companies have completely morphed the way we shop, Start-up businesses continue to develop outlandish yet convenient products and how could I write about creativity and not include Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs who have all revolutionized technology and social media.

Therefore quite visibly, to stay at the cutting edge, you need to creative. Long gone are the days where computational abilities of humans were lauded and rewarded, we’ve got much more efficient computers for that now. The simple fact that appropriate stress is not laid on the need for creativity in Indian schools is the very crux of this and computational ability is given too much importance. Marks are the ‘be all and end all’ and creativity is suppressed.

Now getting to the suggestive bit of my article, creativity is not only limited to drawing or painting but it’s quite simply the ability to think of an unconventional but functional solution to a problem. This is applicable in any field as earlier proven via the various examples and therefore schools can try to inculcate creativity or simply give the children a means to showcase their creativity by just making computer programming mandatory. , es I do agree that many might see this take on the matter as a little queer, per contra in this tech-driven world, computer programming becomes an essential tool to have in one’s arsenal and although there is an innumerable number of misconceptions regarding programming being only logic driven and difficult, it really isn’t. Very crudely yet accurately put, programming is like English where you learn letters and words but here you learn a set syntax which you can then manipulate, like the English language, to solve any problem. Each task can be completed through infinite methods, therefore bringing creativity into the picture whilst still teaching children an essential skill.

Again faced with my arch nemesis – how to end an article, I just hope that schools in India would recognize this requirement and implement some method to aid their students’ creativity…


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