Experiences are said to influence defining characteristics which mould our behaviour and make us more genuine as people. It cannot be denied that experiences do have a definite impact on us. For better or for worse. However, some experiences leave a deeper impact on us that others, and truly result in a change.

I was bestowed the opportunity to engage myself in one such bodacious affair whilst I was completing my ICSE mandated 20 hours of Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) at a government Kannada and Tamil primary school. The children showcased all the traits of pupils who we would want to teach; they were extremely polite, soft-spoken and above all, they had an unquenchable desire or thirst to learn. The Colours Of Life Foundation had organised a ‘Lion King’ themed workshop for the children which a few friends of mine and I aided. We were responsible for their activities and also conducted outdoor games such as sack races for them. The children that we were put in charge of couldn’t speak English but could read some words, and we helped them display a play which was their rendition of the Lion King in English. 

In the morning of the last day, when I was finishing up with the decorations for the play, I felt a tiny hand tugging at my t-shirt. I looked down and saw one of the children – Arun. “You are my best friend sir,” he said in a soft voice. And then my heart melted.

The whole incident was greatly benefitting and enjoyable, I learnt a multitude of things from the children, how not to sweat the small stuff and focus on bigger things, how to make do with what one has and how to always be happy. Honestly, these kids were better behaved than some of my family friends of a similar age. I am extremely thankful for the enriching affair and following are a few pictures from our stay at the school… 



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