My family has always been exceptionally fond of dogs, especially Labradors and Golden Retrievers and thus after the passing of our old dog, Buddy, we made a decision to get 2 Labradors, namely Bozo and Bundle, so that even if we are not around, our dogs would have each other to keep company. Fast forward 4 years, countless torn sofas, ravaged furniture, missing socks and scratched walls; our decision is proving to be most delightful.

In our family, dogs aren’t considered pets but as our siblings, they eat lavishly, have their own space in our flat which they rule over – best described by the settee which they have conveniently monopolized, and on festivals such as ‘Rakhi’, where a sister ties her brother a bracelet and in return the brother promises to protect her, our relatives send special ‘rakhis’ for the two rascals which are tied onto their collars, and then flaunted by them and the inevitable attempts to chew said bracelets off the collars of each by the other ensue.

Considering all the idiosyncrasies that one can expect with dogs and all the soon-to-be-ruined furniture that you currently deck your living room with, dogs are the best creatures that one can possibly keep. As Josh Billings said – “A dog is the only thing on this planet that loves you more than it loves itself.”

Following are a few pictures of the two that I am lucky to have:



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