What drives us, humans? What sparks emotions or feelings in us that lead to our actions? What frustrates or angers us? Is it not receiving due recognition or appreciation from our families, friends and ultimately, ourselves?

This is the true story of Christian Longo, inked by Michael Finkel. It is a story of murder, treachery and how a man destroyed his whole life, killed his family only due to his own inadequacies. It revolves around the journey between Michael Finkel and Christian Longo, and brings many thoughts to our minds which make us rethink our perception of human beings.

As a reader, I thoroughly enjoyed the book because of it being extremely well written and constantly kept me guessing and hence, intrigued. The choice of words and writing techniques further developed it as a book. What appealed most to me was that the author, Michael Finkel has included all his information and not falsified anything to spice up the writing. During the course of the book, the reader feels a plethora of emotions coursing through his or her veins. One feels angry, sad, and often has a sense of disbelief.

The length, I feel, was apt though the book cannot be considered material for pleasure reading. Some may consider the book brutally truthful, however, I feel otherwise. Personally, I feel that there could have been more of an elaboration on how, Michael Finkel’s work with Christian Longo affected Michael, but honestly I am nitpicking to find flaws. The character’s, though there weren’t too many, were each described well and the synchronisation between them was well defined.

To sum it all up, I would recommend this book to anybody who would be interested in a book like this, dark yet gripping. It really gets the cogs in our brain turning and makes us see the world in a more realistic manner. It shows us how much we can let our choices affect our lives, for better or worse.


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