Let’s be honest. I love movies and watch them a lot, probably more than the amount that someone who is in 10th grade should and thus I like to believe that I have a fairly decent knowledge of movies. Following is a list of 4 movies which I recommend and are exceptional, boasting a very unexpected twist which is bound to leave jaws dropped. I have rated each movie on 2 scales, a mind-boggling level and a more straightforward ‘how good is it’ level; both on 10.

1. The Sixth Sense –


Let’s start off with an extremely famous movie with a small degree of bamboozlement. It stars Bruce Willis and revolves around a psychiatrist who is tasked with aiding a child who can speak to ghosts.  An Oscar-winning movie which is characterised by exceptional acting and direction.

Mind-Boggle Level – 4/10

Movie Rating – 8/10

2. The Prestige –


Magic based movies nowadays focus a lot on the superficial aspect of things, with the main feature being sleight of hand. The Prestige, however, offers jaw-dropping through its plot. Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman are the main members of its star cast who have done extremely well in conveying the movie’s themes of jealousy and love. The Prestige revolves around the lives of 2 aspiring magicians wishing to destroy each other.

Mind-Boggle Level – 6/10

Movie Rating – 9/10

3. Fight Club –


Words fall short of accurately describing this brilliant movie which has and continues to inspire many of its viewers. A thoroughly gripping and perplexing movie, aided by the masterful acting of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, Fight Club is a one of a kind film. The dark undertones and stunning visuals make the movie a must watch.

Mind-Boggle Level – 8/10

Movie Rating – 10/10

4. Predestination –


My inspiration for said list, Predestination comprises of a plot that cannot simply be explained through words. The film may not appear to make sense at first but leaves its viewers shocked at the end. Time travel, a bomber and a secretive organisation make the film appealing to sci-fi fanatics and the convoluted story line perform the same for any movie buffs.

Mind-Boggle Level – 10/10

Movie Rating – 7/10

Similar movies to follow in future lists! Stay tuned…


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