The sole thought that came to my mind as I embarked on the short sabbatical that I took was that post said sabbatical, my first article must address why I write and the purpose of this blog. And whilst many people think that this blog is only meant to aid my resumé, that is not entirely the case. I must concede that although blog was started as a result of a mini-existential crisis regarding my extracurricular activities, it has grown into so much more post its commencement.

I write as it enables me to create and not in the sense like the Adidas marketing campaign, but rather it gives me a means to let my imagination run wild and it allows to put forth my opinion on issues which I feel to be pressing. My characters become the puppets and I, the puppet master, able to fashion extravagant and vivid tales which I am able to relay to my readers. Writing is considered by many to be therapeutic and I do certainly agree with the belief as I have experienced it firsthand.

Secondly, my blog has greatly improved my writing as I am constantly forced to step out of my comfort zone, for example – I could never fathom writing humourous tales and yet now my blog pretty much revolves around humour and in the same spirit, I shall be taking up other topics and attempting to foray into genres such as thriller, horror and dark fantasies. Ergo, my desire to write stories of said genres will require me to read more books belonging to the genre I wish to write and work on my writing style for each genre which will no doubt make me a little more versatile as a writer.

Lastly and most importantly, I am starting to slowly generate income from the views of my site. The aforementioned income will be wholly donated to charitable bodies and NGOs and thus this blog allows me to aid, in whatever little way I can, the needy and less privileged.

And hence, I urge you to keep reading and helping me improve as your views will not only help me but also other people who truly need your help…



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