More than a club. What may seem like a meaningless phrase to most of my readers forms a mindset for a group of people. Almost like a way of life. I find myself to be one of the said group, and consider myself very fortunate to be so. ‘Cules’ or so we are known to a lot of the footballing community, but to the rest of the world living oblivious to our passion, simply fans of FC Barcelona. Being a fan of any football club is not the same as being a fan of FCB, with the latter being a more complex relationship. An ardent fan of FCB will surely agree with this sentiment and although its basis may lie simply in the fact that we are ‘cules’, it is enshrined in our hearts. The above motto becomes a secret language for us, a means to identify more of our kind, reminiscent of ‘Valar Morghulis’ for Game of Thrones aficionados or ‘Live long and prosper’ for lovers of Star Trek. But what is the very significance of the statement? Well, read on to glimpse the meaning of the same in my eyes. More than a club. More than fans. The essence of the statement lies in the feeling that us fans have towards the club. The club is a part of us, we breathe FCB, we dream FCB and we live FCB.

I’ve been following football since 2011 and at first, when I was not supporting any club, I oft times mocked the ‘die-hard fans’ of clubs, I laughed at their antics and their tantrums. That is, till I laid my eyes of Football Club Barcelona. And it was not the trophies or the star players that led to my love, it was the football. Quite simply, Barcelona’s style of play. A perfect blend of the Johan Cruyff ‘Total Football’ and the modern genius of managers such as Pep Guardiola. The FCB play style is based on a complete love and respect for the ball, with a special focus on playing with your brain and not your feet. A mentality that I feel is the perfect embodiment of football in general. All matches are played with the intention of enjoying the game and playing in a style that pleases the audience too. This is done utilizing the simplicity yet complexity of Tiki-Taka football, the technical mastery of the ball which is instilled in every FCB player and the subtle yet effective ‘Samba’ style of football which originated in the favelas of Brazil. Moreover, my love for football as a whole and football devoid of cheating and diving, cemented the place of Barca in my heart. And ever since, my mad infatuation of FCB has just grown.

The effect of FCB in the lives of most fans in quite evident, as seen in my case too. Firstly, following FC Barcelona has instilled in me a responsibility towards football to keep the game as pure as I can when I am playing, which quite bluntly is to play the ball and not the referee. Furthermore, being a fan of anything does give one a sense of belonging and this is no different, I go through the highs and lows alongside the club, feeling elation after each win and a dreadful sinking feeling post each loss. Keeping a keen eye on all matters related to FCB has also taught me the ability to look for change from within instead of taking the easy way out, a unique characteristic of FCB, who have displayed this in their choice of managers and largely their choice of players, keeping in mind their famed ‘La Masia’ academy as opposed to the rampant spending policies of certain rivals. It is very true that in recent times, Barcelona have made some wrong choices, led by some questionable management, their fundamental ideologies have remained unchanged.

To conclude, this article is not some form of propaganda which is to bring in more fans to the ever-growing fan base or to put down any other clubs and fans but merely to highlight the importance of Football Club Barcelona in my life and why for me, Football Club Barcelona is More than a club.

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