All those who believe in the quote – ‘Eat to live and not live to eat’, will probably not be able to appreciate the following article as it champions food in all forms. I consider myself to be foodie and contrary to popular belief, being a foodie does not entail simply overeating. Being a foodie means appreciating food, be it exotic or a simple, well cooked meal. The focus is put on all the characteristics of a dish – it’s presentation, texture and most importantly taste, among many others. And Bangalore is a hub for many such people, aided by the superior quality of food in the city and the multitude of quaint joints devoted to many cuisines and styles of cooking. Following are a few among the plethora of dishes that I simply love here :

1. Misu –

Lemongrass ice-cream sandwich

Spicy tofu avocado maki

2. Smoor –

Caesar salad

Burnt butter and garlic ravioli

Strawberry macaron

Quinoa salad

3. Oki –

Apple crumble

Deconstructed raspberry cheesecake

4. Infinitea

Naples pizza

Pesto pasta


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