For a long time, viewing of television/web series has been mainly monopolized by plots having extreme bases. Extreme with regards to their settings, budget and storyline, ranging from Game of Thrones with its historic, medieval setting with elements of magic to Westworld with its two-sided setting, one being devoted to the ‘wild west’ and the other being a highly futuristic scenario – full of robots and whatnot. However, in recent times, there has been a rather unique show gaining a significant amount of attention. A dark horse so to speak. My above choice of words whilst describing this show have been influenced by the fact that the said show does not fit the general narrative for a series to gain such a degree of public viewing. Neither does the show have a far ranging plot, nor does it have any cinematic appeal. The show, Rick and Morty is simply an animated show which largely follows the adventures of mad scientist, Rick and his socially awkward grandson, Morty. So what makes this quirky and sometimes dark show so appealing for the public?

Primarily its the humour. Whilst this show does not fall in the category of a generic sitcom show, it does have its roots in comedy. Being a somewhat spoof on the relationship shared being the iconic ‘Doc and Marty’ of Back To The Future, on the surface Rick and Morty has a more slapstick and childish sort of humour whilst it does have poignant dialogues and one-liners which are greatly laughable. The comedic value does too lie in the obscene stories of each individual episode ranging from one where Rick morphs himself into a pickle or when he breaks out of an intergalactic prison. The general theme of the series could be chalked down to satirical as the show oft times builds on pre-existing shows or characters and finds humour by delving so deep into the subject matter that the humour is brought out, for example in the show’s version of the Avengers, the psychology and relations of such heroes are brought out in a dark, grim and wholly hilarious manner.

Secondly, it is the realness. The best way to get someone to like something, is to have them relate to it and that is the very essence of the show. Whilst the plots comprising of the travails of a mad genius scientist do seem beyond the bounds of our daily lives, if we delve deep into the mere happenings of the show, a highly emotional or psychological level reveals itself. We see the relations shared by the family consisting of Beth, a woman with abandonment issues, Jerry, a man with low self esteem, Summer, a girl who has problems with acceptance and her father, Morty, a socially awkward kid and Rick, an emotionally incapable man too smart for his own good. The interactions between the aforementioned characters play along the lines of any dysfunctional family and certain episodes will no doubt relate to all our lives. Rick and Morty too deals with very real everyday issues such as police brutality, racism and implications of being god-fearing.

To conclude, I would highly recommend the show, Rick and Morty to everyone who isn’t opposed to somewhat dark humour and who enjoys some intelligent jokes and plotlines. The episodes are not visibly linked and are all available on Netflix or YouTube. The brainchild of Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty is a fantastic show invoking some great laughs and is a must watch for people looking for an offbeat brilliant serial.


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